Why the Proper Roofing and Structure Materials Matter?

Did you know that you can slash heating and cooling costs by installing high-quality roofing? In addition to this, you get to preserve the environment as well as improve your safety and comfort when you make use of concrete to construct new homes.

The thing is that homes made from concrete offer additional benefits regarding cost saving and durability. Construction companies often work hand in hand with trusted roofers to design concrete homes to look similar to wooden houses.

Many of you consider your home as your castle and the place where you can comfortably settle for the rest of your life.

Wouldn’t it make sense to construct a fortress-like structure that features top quality roofing services that will stand the test of time and successfully withstand the onslaughts of nature?

All this is made possible by trusted home builders and roofers in your region without having to sacrifice the comfort and design as well as the flexibility that traditional homes would afford you. More homeowners are opting for concrete homes since it reduces escalating heating and cooling costs. Terracotta roof tiles in either red or black seem to compliment a concrete built house perfectly.

Savvy homeowners are starting to say no to wood framing and welcomes the idea of erecting homes using concrete for the exterior structural walls. Were you aware of the fact that concrete homes accounted for close to 18 percent of single-family homes during 2005 according to NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and PCA (Portland Cement Association)? Nowadays, one out of six homes constructed is now built using concrete.

Some homes make use of traditional concrete wall systems that involve the use of concrete masonry and concrete cast in removable forms. More growth is seen with the use of insulated concrete forms for building foundations and walls.

The thing is that these are super easy to erect as stay-in-place forms are manufactured from high-density plastic foam that is filled with fresh concrete and reinforced with steel thereby creating a super-insulated structure that is resistant to strong winds and fire. This way your fortress, coupled with the right roofing materials will handle whatever gets thrown its way.

Your neighbors may not even realize you have a concrete home as the walls are often hiding beneath lap siding, stucco, or a traditional façade of brick. These are the kind of homes going up in all areas of the country. Especially where there is a chance for residents to encounter devastating tornadoes and hurricanes.

It makes logical sense to make use of a roofing contractor like Shelter Construction to improve your chances to make it through severe storms.

Does it Cost More to Build Concrete Homes?

Many people tend to think that concrete homes are far more expensive than wooden frame houses. On the contrary, you may actually save if you consider those maintenance requirements, utility expenses, and life-cycle costs that go hand in hand with wooden structures and can work out quite a bit. Then again, you cannot put a price tag on a healthier and safer environment that offers a better quality of living.

Consider the fact that the cost of concrete construction is only slightly higher compared to a wood-frame home (Between 0.5 to 4 percent). The additional upfront costs are soon recovered through savings realized on monthly heating and cooling expenses. How much you can expect to save would depend on the thickness of your walls, how many windows you have and the type of insulation used. On average, a 2,000 square foot home will save you about $65 in air conditioning and $200 in heating costs. You can also have smaller heating and cooling equipment installed that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Can you see how easy it is to recover your initial investment in having a concrete home built? Insurance costs get reduced too as various agencies offer huge discounts on insurance policies for homeowners as the houses are resistant to hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Design Options Concrete Building Offer Homeowners

Due to concrete’s moldability and strength, you can easily create any style and size home you like. Besides, foam forms are quick and easy to cut and shape to your heart’s desire. You can play around with all types of developmental effects such as larger openings, curved walls, custom angles, lofty ceilings, and cathedral-like ceilings.

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